From: jyang3@jupiter.uucp (June Yang)
Subject:Thomas Pynchon short FAQ
Date: 16 Feb 1995 20:27:27 GMT

1. Is Thomas Pynchon really J.D. Salinger?

A: No. They are two entirely different people. Pynchon has never been the
subject of a real biography, but there have been papers written about his
college life at Cornell, growing up out East, etc. J.D. Salinger lives in
Cornish, New Hampshire or something like that in some house that almost burned
down a couple years ago (oh no.. that sequel to Catcher in the Rye went up
in flames).

2. Where does Thomas Pynchon live?

A: New York City. The article in the New York Times (or whatever it was) is
correct. Mr. Pynchon lives in New York City and has lived there (apparently)
since sometime in 1990 or 91. I'
ve also heard that he is married to his agent. So if you want to find him..
just go to where his agent works, follow her when she leaves work, and knock
on the apartment door. Maybe he'll answer. Or maybe you can look up her
phone number and call him up. "Hey dude, I love that Gravity's Rainbow book."

3. Didn't Pynchon live in northern California for a while? Wasn't that what
Vineland was all about?

A: Yes. For a long time.. possibly as long as ten years, Mr. Pynchon lived in a
town called Aptos in northern California (not confirmed and possibly some
place right next to Aptos, California. This is what Vineland is about if you
haven't read it.

4. How does Thomas Pynchon survive if he writes so little and does he work a
normal job?

A: Who knows. The guy got a MacArthur fellowship.. something like $300,000 so
I don't think he's hurting for money.

5. When was the last photo of him that has been released?

A: The last public photo of him was from when he was in the Navy.. around when
he was 19 years old. It's on the back cover of one of the more recent
books on him.

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