The Uncollected Pynchon

A Disclaimer: The following texts are intended for non-profit, educational use only. Those who would try to make money off our compilation should consider the jeopardy in which they place our work.

--Brandon Stafford, Cadence Williams, Andre Hurwitz, and Travis Miller.

A Short Story:

Introductions: The Farina introduction contains some biographical information about Pynchon, who was a classmate of Farina at Cornell. The latter introduction deals more with Barthelme's work than Pynchon.

New York Times Book Review Pieces:

Pieces in Other Magazines:

Liner Notes: "Liner notes" are the short essays that often come tucked inside a CD, tape, or record case.

Endorsements: These are rarely more than a few sentences by Pynchon that have appeared on the back of books. You can read all the blurbs we've got by clicking on this word: blurbaroonies!

Thanks go to Bob Orlowsky for compiling most of these citations and providing the text for a couple of them. Edward Heinemann, Timothy C. May, Paul DiFilippo, and someone who goes by "Outerspacia" also contributed some of the texts.

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