Fausto's Apartment

Chapter 16: Valletta--443-447: After a series of adventures in Malta, Profane, Stencil, and Paola visit Fausto Maijstral. Paola stays with him and Profane and Stencil take a room at a lodging house. Stencil discusses V. with Maijstral.

450-451: After visiting Profane again at the lodging house and learning that Paola will be returning with Pappy Hod to the States, Stencil returns to Maijstral's and discusses Father Fairing.

452-455: Maijstral visits Profane at the lodging house and discovers a note from Stencil, who is now off chasing V.'s eye to Stockholm. Maijstral gives Profane some money. Profane goes out and meets Brenda Wigglesworth. The two run around for awhile, and the last time we see Profane he running with her "through the abruptly absolute night, momentum alone carrying them toward the edge of Malta, and the Mediterranean beyond" (pg. 455).

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