The Rusty Spoon and the Forked Yew

These bars, especially the Rusty Spoon, are favorite hang-outs of the Crew. Conversations at the Rusty Spoon are made up of little more than proper nouns. Kurt Mondaugen tells his story to Stencil at the Rusty Spoon.

Chapter 13: In which the yo-yo string is revealed as a state of mind--
380: Profane, having lost his job at Anthroresearch Associates, now spends his nights at the Rusty Spoon and the Forked Yew. He begins to become a member of the Whole Sick Crew under the tutelage of Charisma and Fu.

380-381: Rachel shows up one night at the Rusty Spoon looking like a camp follower. She pleads with Profane to come home.

381-382: At the Forked Yew, Stencil first invites Profane to come with he and Paola to Valletta. He wants Profane along to watch Paola and to keep him company. Profane delcines.

Chapter 15: Sahha--417-418: Profane shows up at the Spoon and announces he is going to Malta.

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