Sudwest Africa: Mondaugen's Story

Mondaugen tells this story to Stencil at the Rusty Spoon and Stencil later repeats it to Eigenvalue.

Mondaugen is sent to Sudwest Protectorate in May of 1922 to observe atmospheric radio disturbances (sferics) as close as possible to 28 degrees S latitude. The Herero Uprising of 1922 occurs while Mondaugen is in Sudwest and he is forced to stay for several weeks at "Foppl's Siege Party".

Foppl is a plantation owner who was present during the Great Herero Uprising of 1904-1907 along with Lt. Weissmann, and they attempt to make the Siege Party into a recreation of that era. Mondaugen eventually leaves Foppl's, and later works at Peenemunde on the German V-1 and V-2 rockets (where he is reunited with Weissmann, and which is detailed in Gravity's Rainbow). Eventually, Mondaugen becomes an engineer working for Yoyodyne.

Captain Hugh Godolphin, who is present at Foppl's Siege Party, also appears in Florence: She Hangs on the Western Wall.

In addition to Weissmann and Mondaugen, the Herero also play a significant role in Gravity's Rainbow and a depction of the Herero Uprisings and the von Trotha regime, from the Herero point-of-view, is given there by Oberst Enzian.

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