U.S.S. Scaffold

Chapter 13: In which the yo-yo string is revealed as a state of mind--372-378: In a flashback, Pig, having used all his French Ticklers as water balloons, needs to get laid. His shipmate Hiroshima suggests that he stand in front of a radar antenna to render himself temporarily sterile. However, Profane alerts him to a pile of hamburger meat that is cooking in the radiation given off by the antenna, thus saving his life. Pig tells Profane that he has a code, and that he owes Profane a favor.

Chapter 16: Valletta--424-426: Aboard the Scaffold, which is in for repairs, Pappy Hod and Clyde prepare to go into Valletta during some shore leave. On the way, Teledu pisses in the aisle and the soldiers sing:

Let's all go down and piss on the Forrestal
Till the damn thing floats away,

to the tune of The Old Gray Mare (p. 427).

442-443: Back on the Scaffold, Pappy and Clyde discover Profane and Paola waiting for them. Pappy and Paola are reunited, and she gives him her ivory comb. They part, planning to perhaps meet again in December when the Scaffold returns.

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