Schoenmaker's Office

January, 1956

Shale Schoenmaker is Esther's plastic surgeon. He is assisted by Irving and Trench.

Esther meets Shoenmaker through Stencil p.101.

On her way to see Schoenmaker, Esther hears Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture on the bus. p. 95

The description of Esther's nose-job included is one of the most graphic scenes in V p.104.

Capitalizing on Ether's post-operation euphoria, Shoenmaker forces sex with her p.109. He serenades her.

Shoenmaker tightens monetary grip on Esther during appointment with Rachel p.45.

Esther gets knocked up by Schoenmaker and flees for comfort to Slab's.

See the World War I hothouse for Shoenmaker's past.

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