Chapter 16: Valletta--426-442: Pappy Hod and Clyde visit several different bars along the Gut in Valletta, including the Four Aces, the Union Jack, and the Metropole (where Pappy and Paola met). Along the way they see a couple singing People Will Say We're In Love from the musical Oklahoma. They meet up with LtJG Johnny Contango at the Four Aces, and he helps Clyde keep Pappy out of trouble. We see Kilroy's relationship to the band-pass filter. At the Metro, where Pappy and Paola first met, people are jitter-bugging to the tune Sally and Sue, Don't Be Blue sung by Dick Powell, the American Singing Marine. Pappy gets wasted, Clyde and Contango try to find him a cab end up in the middle of a street brawl between 200 Royal Commandos and 30 Scaffold sailors, during which Dahoud sings I Only Have Eyes for You. As they flee the brawl, they follow a platoon of Commandos singing a slightly different version of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. Eventually the three of them make it back to the Scaffold.

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