Winsome's Apartment

The second section of chapter 5 gives us our first look at Gouverneur ("Roony") Winsome and his marital life with Mafia. Roony is an executive for Outlandish Records and spends his time recording odd sounds. He had planned a "version to end all versions of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture" (p. 124) before being stopped by the CIA. He has also been known to bastardize the lyrics to Davy Crockett's theme song. Mafia is a writer whose brainchild is Heroic Love, a philosophy which she promotes through her best-selling novels. Soon Pig Bodine, who has gone AWOL, shows up at their door. The chapter closes with the story of how Stencil ended up getting shot in the ass by Benny Profane under the streets of New York.

Roony Winsome lives here along with his wife, Mafia, Fang the cat, Charisma and Fu, two of the Crew, and Pig Bodine. Winsome's place is known among the Crew as the West Side flophouse. After being hired at Anthroresearch Associates Benny Profane moves in. Mafia, in an attempt to recreate the Heroic Love of her novels, conducts constant affairs with the various men in her apartment. Roony reacts to this by becoming more interested in Paola and, finally, by jumping out of a window at Rachel's. Eventually officers Jones and Ten Eyck arrest Mafia, Fu, Charisma, and friends in the middle of a game of "musical blankets" (played to a record of Hank Snow singing It Don't Hurt Any More) for disturbing the peace.

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