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Welcome to the profoundly unofficial but widely collaborative Web page devoted to the work of Thomas Pynchon - one of the most challenging and most rewarding of contemporary American writers. This interactive project-in-progress comes to you from a small college town named Claremont at the eastern edge of LA County - a town that looks a lot, in fact, like San Narciso.

We're mostly interested in Pynchon's works, but what little is known of the life of the world's most famous literary recluse can be found here.

Some of the initial work on this page was done by Penny Padgett. Among the many materials she thought to include, here are two versions of a Pynchon FAQ, now-revised current answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our author.

We've scattered a variety of multimedia goodies throughout the "Pomona Pynchon Page" on the World Wide Web. Some of these surprise packages contain still photos, others will play as Quicktime (tm - Apple Computer) video clips; still others will pop open to play Pynchonesque sounds. We hope you enjoy this place, since it's made to be explored, and come back periodically to see it improved. You can even contact us with reactions, suggestions and the like, at WASTE@pomona.edu.

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The Works of Thomas Pynchon
Slow Learner V The Crying of Lot 49 Gravity's Rainbow Vineland Mason and Dixon Uncollected Works
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