The Street

A Textual Guide to Thomas Pynchon's V.

Profane Stencil

U.S.S. Scaffold London F.O. Schlozhauer's Trocadero Bongo-Shaftsbury Rachel's MG Egypt Newport News Schoenmaker's Office East Main Bars World War I Susanna Squaducci Sphere's Triumph Bus Station V-Note Subway Winthrop's Boarding House The Mendoza's Apartment The Sewer Eigenvalue's Office Rachel Owlglass's Apartment Florence Roony Winsome's Apartment Yoyodyne Space/Time Employment Agency Mondaugen's Story Slab's Apartment The Rusty Spoon and the Forked Yew Anthroresearch Associates Central Park Idlewild Airport Sidewalks of Nueva York The Apartment Profane V. in Love Sidewalks of Nueva York Flop House Flip and Flop's House Susanna Squaducci Jail Fausto House Valletta Bars World War II U.S.S. Scaffold Avalanche's Church Straight Street Xebec

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